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Vermont Food Grade Soybean Performance Trial Results

2008 Soybean Report

Remembering Jack Lazor

Cultivating Relationships Among the many gifts Jack gave to us and the world was cultivation. Cultivation of plants and animals to provide nutritious foods. Cultivation of knowledge through his teaching at UVM and beyond. And, perhaps most importantly, cultivation of relationships – bringing together people throughout the food system to find a common path to […]

Grain in Vermont, Jack Lazor of Butterworks Farm

Below you’ll find an historical background on grain production by Jack Lazor of Butterworks Farm. A BRIEF HISTORY OF GRAIN PRODUCTION IN VERMONT: PART ONE By Jack Lazor The story of grains in Vermont must begin with the “three sisters” crops of corn, beans, and squash. Archeological evidence from the Skitchewaug site on the Connecticut River near […]

Annual UVM Extension Crops & Soils Field Day

August 4, 10am-4pm, Borderview Farm 146 Line Road, Alburgh, VT This is your chance to see what Dr. Heather Darby and the Northwest Crops & Soils Team have been up to this year– learn about ongoing research on the production of corn, small grains, hops, oilseeds, forage crops, soybeans, and more. There will be information […]

Meet the Growers

Beidler Family Farm – Randolph Center, VT Owners: Brent and Regina Beidler http://www.beidlerfarm.com/ The Beidlers are organic dairy farmers who began growing grains in 2004. They have found growing grains to be a positive diversification as the cows provide nutrients for growing grains and the straw in turn is used as bedding for the animals. […]

Recipes & Advice

Can local grains win bakers’ hearts? I have tested out Nitty Gritty Grain Company’s red winter wheat all-purpose flour in our teacakes and have found it to be a significant enhancement. The difference is most notable in the texture, making it much smoother.  The crust is finer and the crumb is beautiful.  It is a […]

Our Northern Grains

Here is background information on how to grow grains well-suited to this climate. Barley | Beans | Buckwheat | Canola | Corn | Flax | Millet | Oats | Peas | Rice | Rye | Sorghum | Soybeans | Spelt | Sunflower | Triticale | Uncommon Grains | Wheat BARLEY Barley can grow in almost […]

Organic Fertility for Winter Wheat

Organic Fertility for Winter Wheat—First Year Results Susan Monahan and Sid Bosworth1 Research on the effects of variety and organic sources of fertility for winter wheat production and bread quality is currently in its second year at the University of Vermont. The study is being conducted at the UVM Horticultural Research Farm in South Burlington, […]

Growing Grains in the Northeast

Please join us at the 6th annual grain growing conference. This daylong event will provide you with a diverse array of educational topics. This year the conference has been expanded to include 3 concurrent sessions throughout the day. This new format will have something for everyone! Download the Brochure (pdf) LOCATION: The University of Vermont’s […]

Marketing and Sales

Jack Lazor has put together an overview of some traditional avenues to market for your grain crop, below. Every producer of grain crops, large or small, ends up selling their harvest in one way or another. Perhaps the easiest and least complicated form of grain marketing is to feed one’s grains to dairy or meat […]

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