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Welcome to the Northern Grain Growers Association


Conferences and Events

Click here to see a summary of our 2014 Summer Events.
You will see many events for grains and summer annuals – make sure and check them out!
To view our upcoming conferences and events, as well as access the proceedings from past conferences and events, go to our NEW Conferences and Events page. You can view a PDF of the presentations available from the 2014 10th Annual Grain Growers Conference “Grow it Here”.


The UVM Cereal Grain Testing Laboratory is now reopened for the season! If you have samples you would like analyzed, please send payment along with a completed Cereal Submission Form that must accompany all request sent in. Click here for the Cereal Submission Form or visit the Lab website for more information. Thank you!


Hops Quality Analysis

We want to thank everyone for supporting the UVM Hop Quality Testing Laboratory! We have received many samples over the last few weeks and have noticed that many are above the recommended 8 – 10% moisture for storage. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to process and analyze hop samples that exceed these moisture levels. Please make sure all samples sent are dried properly and are not more than 8-10% moisture as we will not be able to conduct the testing.

At this time, we have one test available for Brewing Values (BV’s) which determines Alpha acids, Beta acids and Hop Storage Index (HSI). Click here for the Hops Analysis Submission Form to submit a sample.

9/19/2013: 2013 Organic Valley CROPP Cooperative Final Report: Factors Impacting Fatty Acid Concentrations in Annual Forages. View it here.


Enjoy photos from our 2013 Annual UVM Extension Crops and Soils Field Day, which was held on August 1, 2013.


2013 Grains Research Trials Reports

  • 2013 Danish Barley Variety Trial (pdf)
  • 2013 Spring Barley Variety Trial (pdf)
  • 2013 Winter Barley Variety Trial (pdf)
  • 2013 The Effects of Topdressing Nitrogen on Hard Red Winter Wheat (pdf)
  • 2013 Flax Planting Date Trial (pdf)
  • 2013 Flax Variety Trial (pdf)
  • 2013 Flax Weed Control Trial (pdf)
  • 2013 Forage Brassica Variety Trial (pdf)
  • 2013 Heirloom Spring Wheat Variety Trial (pdf)
  • 2013 Heirloom Winter Wheat Variety Trial (pdf)
  • 2013 Oats Variety Trial (pdf)
  • 2013 Small Grain Forage Trial: Nitrogen Fertility x Harvest Date (pdf)
  • 2013 Small Grain Forage Trial: Species x Harvest Date (pdf)
  • 2013 On-Farm Spring Wheat Breeding Trials (pdf)
  • 2013 Organic Spring Wheat Planting Date Trial (pdf)
  • 2013 Organic Spring Wheat Seeding Rate Trial (pdf)
  • 2013 Organic Spring Wheat Variety Trial (pdf)
  • 2013 Organic Winter Wheat Planting Date Trial (pdf)
  • 2013 Organic Winter Wheat Variety Trial (pdf)
  • 2013 Summer Annual Variety Trial (pdf)
  • 2013 Vermont Organic Silage Corn Performance Trial Results (pdf)
  • To view past Grain Research Trial Reports, click on our Grain Research Page.


    2012 Reports and Executive Summaries
    1) An Evaluation to Determine the Feasibility of a Multi-Purpose Grain Processing Facility in Vermont
    2) Vermont Milled Grain Products Local Market Study Report, Executive Summary
    3) Improving and Increasing Technical Assistance to Vermont Grain and Hops Producers, Executive Summary



    Click above on PAST NEWS BITS for past bulletins of “What’s New!”.


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    In January of 2012, a group of bakers from Maine and Vermont trialed four winter wheat varieties grown in 2011 by the University of Vermont and University of Maine.  Randy George from Red Hen Baking Company, Jeffrey Hamelman from King Arthur Flour, Jim Amaral from Borealis Breads, and Alison Pray from Standard Baking Company came together at the King Arthur Baking Education Center in Norwich, VT to test-bake local wheat flours!  The results were delicious.  Check out the photos below.


    The Northern Grain Growers Association is a “farm grown” organization. Since 2004 many of the grain growers in Vermont have been gathering together for exchanging ideas, networking, and camaraderie. The initial focus of the group was to enhance organic seed saving, plant breeding, and variety improvement. Over time the group has developed a somewhat broader focus which includes all aspects of grain production.

    In recent years the interest in local grains has been increasing and the group now includes bakers, local eating enthusiasts, agricultural support personnel, and many beginning farmers.

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