Past News

Julie Dawson at Cornell University is working with organic grain growers in the Northeast who are interested in producing high-quality seed of promising varieties for organic systems. This project will start developing varieties adapted to organic agriculture in this region through on-farm selection with experienced organic farmers. If you are a grain grower and could take the time to fill out the following survey, it would help her research tremendously! Thanks.
Organic Grains Farm-Based Selection Survey

Heather Darby and Erica Cummings were on Across the Fence talking about the Northwest Crops & Soils Program’s work research on grains and hops. To watch the video, click here.

Past publicity for grains grown in the Northeast: a University of Vermont article on UVM’s research with heirloom wheat and winter wheat varieties. Dr. Heather Darby is featured and recognized for her work, along with Roger Rainville of Borderview Research Farm, to revitalize the local grain movement in Vermont. To read the article, click here.
Please take a minute to look at the VERMONT MILLED GRAINS site and our recent market study. Participate as a grower, baker, retailer, and/or consumer. The more feedback, the more results!

Erik Andrus, of Good Companion Bakery outside of Vergennes, VT, has been experimenting with low-tech wind power. You can find more information on the farm and bakery’s Savonius design on their website. You can also download a PDF brochure of their project here. For more information, read the full report here!