Elmore Mountain Bread – Elmore, VT 
Owners:  Andrew Heyn & Blair Marvin

Elmore Mountain Bread is a husband and wife team that bakes breads which are deceptively simple in ingredients and complex in process.  They stone mill all of the flour daily which keeps the nutritious germ oil and unique aromas of the grain intact.  They use natural sourdough or small amounts of yeast in their breads and maintain the tradition of using long fermentation to improve overall flavor and quality.  Each loaf is handmade and attended to from start to finish, a 16-hour process. They have a Redeemer loaf that is 100% Redeemer wheat (an old Vermont heirloom variety) grown at Rogers Farmstead in Berlin, Vermont.

Hungry Ghost BreadNorthampton, MA 
Owners:  Jonathan Stevens & Cheryl Maffei

This bakery has been in business for 13 years and in this location for 7.  Hungry Ghost Bread uses a lot of wheat, spelt, rye, some buckwheat, and oats (for granola).  About a third of their grains are local, which they use for breads, crackers, pastries, and cookies.  Locally, they get wheat (Warthog, Zorro, Bravo, and Richland) and spelt (Sammy) from Four Star Farms in Northfield, MA, as well as Oberkunen spelt from Lazy Acres in Hadley, MA.  They also purchase rye and AC Barrie wheat from White Moon Farm in Easthampton and some Turkey Red from White Oak Farm in Belchertown.  Conventional flours we get from Milanaise Mills in Quebec.  Hungry Ghost’s double wheat bread is very popular; Jonathan makes it with bolted warthog flour (100%) with a 77% hydration and 12% sourdough starter, and mixes in sprouted Richland soft red wheat berries.  Their baked goods are sold in their retail shop in Northampton, MA.

The King Arthur Flour Bakery – Norwich, VT 
Owners:  The King Arthur Flour Company (operated by a team of about a dozen bakers)
Bakery Director:  Jeffrey Hamelman

The King Arthur Flour Bakery has been in operation for 11 years, and currently uses two types of Vermont-grown whole wheat bread flour, Vermont-grown whole wheat flour that has been milled to white flour, and Vermont-grown whole wheat and white pastry flours.   They make fragrant, wheaty, delicious sourdough breads, and currant scones.   King Arthur buys all the grain from the farmers (who are the growers and millers), except for the white flour.   Their baked goods are available at their retail store and at numerous co-ops, inns, and restaurants in the Norwich-White River Junction area.

Peterson Quality Malt Monkton, VT
Owner:  Andrew Peterson

Peterson Quality Malt is taking locally grown grains and malting them for local brewers and distillers. You’ll find amazing flavors and a freshness you’ve never experienced as ‘local’ now has a whole new meaning when it comes to your beer and whiskey!
They sell to commercial brewers and distillers as well as home-brewers. Get in touch to visit and take the tour.

Red Hen Baking Co. Middlesex, VT
Owners:  Randy George & Eliza Cain

Red Hen Baking Company has been in business since the fall of 1999, though Randy and Eliza have been baking for even longer.  They use whole wheat and stone-ground, sifted flour from Gleason Grains in Bridport, VT, unbleached hard red wheat flour and unbleached soft wheat flour from Nitty Gritty Grain Company, and whole rye flour from Butterworks Farm.  Red Hen uses local flour in their pain au levain, potato bread, Crossett Hill bread, miche, and Cyrus Pringle bread, which is made entirely with VT-grown wheat.  The pie crusts available at Red Hen’s cafe in Middlesex are made entirely with Nitty Gritty unbleached wheat pastry flour.  You can find their baked goods at the cafe, at co-ops and grocery stores in Vermont and the Upper Valley region of New Hampshire, and in many local restaurants as well.

Rise Up Bakery Barre, VT  
Owners:  Jim & Larissa Haas

After 28 years abroad, Jim gladly returned to Vermont taking his experience and passion for wood-fired baking to give the former Union Co-operative bakery, today known as Rise Up Bakery, a new lease on life. He brings a diverse assortment of European and in-house sourdough bread formulas that he baked in Ukraine, and together with Larissa, he offers the people of Barre and outlying townships good honest nutrition with a European accent.