The Northern Grain Growers Association started in 2004 as a way for both conventional and organic growers to gather, exchange ideas, and network. Today our association has over 60 members, including bakers, local eating enthusiasts, agricultural support personnel, and many beginning farmers. We focus on grain production broadly, including seed saving, plant breeding, and variety improvement.

The group meets throughout the year at on-farm field days and winter meetings feature guest speakers from around the US and Canada. A core group of farmers work with University of Vermont extension staff to plan events of interest.

Our Mission: To encourage and support the production, processing, and marketing of grains in Vermont and the surrounding regions.


1. Provide education and outreach to beginning and established farmers:
2. Provide networking opportunities to farmers through newsletters and websites:
3. Develop applied on-farm research that address the questions of the grain growing community
4. Provide mechanisms for seed exchange and improvement among farms
5. Develop plans for increased grain processing infrastructure in the region

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