Grains were last grown on a large scale in Vermont in the 19th century, when wheat was a large part of our agricultural market and our state heritage, as evidenced by the shocks of wheat on the state flag. Check out the resources and links under the ‘Growers’ tab for information on how to grow and revamp the grains industry!

Additional Resources:

Northern New England Local Bread Wheat Project

(University of Maine and University of Vermont)

Growing Organic Small Grains in the Northeast
(pdf) by R. Kersbergen, E. Mallory, T. Molloy

Small Organic Grain Production 
(pdf) by ATTRA

Top Ten Factors to Consider Before Growing Grains
(pdf) by Dr. Heather Darby

Managing Cereal Grains for Forage
(pdf) by Dr. Heather Darby

Cereal Grains Grown in New England
(pdf), ongoing list

Growing Grains on a Small Farm
(Southern Oregon Research and Extension Center website)

What Works For Us: Crop Rotation and Weed Control in Organic Cash Crops
(video of Steve Lalonde’s presentation at 2011 NGGA winter conference)