July 14 – 15, 2011, UMass Farm and Colrain Seed Farm

Join us at a regional event on growing organic landrace grains, share skills to reinvigorate heritage grain traditions, exchange seeds, learn how to bake artisan bread in a wood-fired oven, brew artisan beer, and celebrate the harvest.
For program updates and to register: www.growseed.org.


July 14 – Growing & Breeding Local Grains
Location: UMass Agronomy Farm, 89-91 River Rd, north off RT 116, Deerfield, MA (Exit 24 on I-91)

9:00 Breeding Wheat for Local Farms and Community Vitality
Dean Spaner, organic wheat breeder, University of Alberta, Canada

This workshop will help build a foundation for local organic grains in New England, and provide guidelines to breed modern and historic varieties under organic management, using selection criteria of performance in mixtures, weed competition, height and yield capacity, seeding rates and capacity to adapt to weather extremes. We will explore how to strengthen community systems for local grains.

10:00 Organic Fertility, Rotation and Intercropping
Ruth Hazzard, Masoud Hashemi

11:00 Field Tour of Grain Trials with Dean Spaner and E. Rogosa

Potluck Lunch – Taste local breads from emmer, einkorn, heritage and modern wheats. POTLUCK LUNCH with Bread Tasting

1:30 Malting Workshop
Andrea and Christian Stanley (Valley Malt)

Cultivating barley for malting, its role in organic rotations, the malting process, building market partnerships with growers to meet the burgeoning interest in local malt for breweries.

2:30 On-Farm Grain Trials

How to conserve and restore landrace varieties and develop genepools for local adaptation

3:00 Harvesting, Processing and Storing
Large-scale Equipment – Arnie Volringer, White Oak Farm and Kyle Bostrom, UMass Farm Small-Scale Traditional Equipment and Skills – Tevis Robertson

4:00 Product Development, Packaging, Food Writing and Building Market Partnerships
June Russell – New York City Green Market, Margaret Christie, CISA

Sponsored by UMass Extension, Funded by NESARE & MSPA

July 15 – Bread from the Earth
Location: Colrain Seed Farm (Directions: 91 North, Exit 26, West on RT 2, Right after Hager’s Farmers Market onto Shelburne-Colrain Rd (to 112 North, Jacksonville, VT and Colrain), after 5 miles turn Left at Main Rd (sign says: Enter Here), less than a mile take first Right onto Foundry Village Rd (a windy road), Right at Yield sign onto Adamsville Rd, Colrain Seed Farm – 400 Adamville Rd. on left side)

9:00 Tour of Colrain Seed Farm with Cr Lawn (fedcoseeds.com)

10:00 How to Build, Bake and Cook in a Wood-fired Brick Oven
David Neufeld, truebrickovens.com

Discover the history of wood-fired ovens and how to construct a traditional Pompeii-type brick oven. Learn how to bake, roast, broil, and slow-cook a variety of foods in the brick oven hand-built by David.

12:30 Potluck Lunch with Discussion of Traditional Harvest Celebrations

1:30 Swimming in the Colrain River – optional

2:30 Artisan Bread Baking with Einkorn & Heritage Grains
Michael Jubinsky, stoneturtlebaking.com

Basic arts of artisan baking in a wood-fired oven; mixing, kneading, shaping, scoring and baking in a wood-fired oven with modern, heritage and ancient grains. Learn how to combine the unique qualities of each flour and flavor for your own creative baking.

4:00 Brewing Beer – Ivan Hennesy, Brattleboro Microbe Brewers and Friends

5:30 Bread from the Earth’ – Eli Rogosa

History of bread, beer and civilization, biodiversity, climate resilience, ancient grain traditions

6:30 Potluck Dinner
Blessings & Song inspired by Republic of Georgia & Shabbat


Let the people bathe themselves and their farm animals in “living water” of a river, lake or the sea;

Offerings and prayers of thanksgiving be made. Let them cut a sheaf of new grain and set it alight in the ancient manner, burning off the husks with fire. Let them grind the grain and bake a bannock and share it round with the people, circling sunwise round their dwellings. After bathing in sacred water and attuning the forces of chaos, shall the people visit a hill top, better where there is also sacred water. Let them honor the water with offerings and prayers of thanks. Let them also honor the Sun that gives energy to the crops, the Moon who makes the crops grow with Her juices, the lightening who purifies the air and the winds that bring good weather. Likewise the good soil that nourishes all beings. Let them feast and play games, pick berries and make merry as they please.